Monday, 29 June 2009

In the loop.....

Left is Mark Cavendish, I was lucky enough to see him race on Sunday. The guy is great, a winner who says it how it is! He does not get nearly enough credit in the British Press, perhaps it's because he wins!!

For me, it was back in the loop of racing with the Parc Bryn Bach Triathlon, the Welsh Championships. A 2 loop swim, 10 loop bike, 3 loop run, I was dizzy at the end, and truly back in the loop! Not the best of races for me, just one of those days, I aimed for top 5 but got 7th, but hopefully for the rest of the season I'll be getting stronger and stronger.

Time to get back into the loop of training now, some consistency and effort will bring me great race day performance!

Sunday, 14 June 2009

8 Mile Crack at the Bala Middle Distance Tri'

PAIN! Bala Middle today. Swim steady, bike good, went into the run around 12th position, lost a couple of places then gained a couple of places as we got to the turn around. I knew that there were a fair few people chasing hard, but I was running steady and strong. Then mile 8...............I cracked like an egg! My head hurt like I'd had a gallon of drink, my legs went to jelly and all I wanted was water, water, water. My pace dropped by 2 minutes per mile and I just held on as well as I could, cursing the people who passed me by. I had a decent finish but bloody hell it hurt!
The wife had a terrible day in the office, leading after the swim and bike, a reccurrence of a run injury hit with a vengeance at mile 2. Not wanting to quit (worried what people might say) she ploughed on, aggravating the injury further and limping home 4th or 5th. Gutted for her.

Sunday, 7 June 2009

A good judge of character.....

This dog has only ever peed on one person, but we thought it best to get a warning T shirt...just to be safe. Some people say that animals are an excellent judge of character, but I can understand why the lady involved was so upset......
So the ASBO hound has now been tagged!