Sunday, 11 January 2009

Bring on The Spring

The weather has been COLD this last few weeks and the urge to go searching for the sun and warm weather training has never been so strong.

This coupled with a foot injury I have picked up, has been very poor for motivation! The foot injury, is non to serious ( an inflamed planta fasciia), and luckily I have been using a local physio who seems to be pretty on the ball and is helping things along nicely - thanks North Wales Physio!

Anyway back to the weather, I am British after all, and it is a national preoccupation. The thaw is coming! Milder weather this weekend! That's all I needed to hear, happy days. The accompanying rain and high wind though was an absolute joy to ride through this morning:-) Luckily we had a good bunch of guys and girls out from Carneddau Tri' Club to enjoy the weather, and the ride was actually very enjoyable.