Monday, 7 May 2012

A Guide To The Triathletes Blog

Search around in the internet, Facebook or Twitter and you'll find a proliferation of triathletes blogs. Many by age groupers inspired by their idols, the professional athletes, who look to give us masses an insight into the life of a full time athlete, whilst also giving their sponsors a nice healthy plug.
Unfortunately alot of the blogs, status updates and Tweets you read are full of inane shite. Anyone of us involved in multisport, or even mono sport have been guilty of this, taking the emulation of our idols a step to far with boring details of our training sessions ect. ect. Now I'm not for a minute suggesting we shouldn't talk about our passion, I'm not saying we shouldn't post online about our sport, I'm just suggesting a few rules for minimising the crap we post.

Rule #1 - and today I did......
Posting your days training. DON'T! You've not won anything so who's interested? No one. I want to read what training Chrissie Wellington or Alistair Brownlee have done, hoping for that winning insight to unlocking the hidden Olympian lurking deep with in, but reading what some middle of the pack Age Grouper has done? NO!!!

Rule #2 - and today I didn't do......
Ok you couldn't be arsed getting out of bed to swim, you're to lazy to get your trainers on to run, it looks a bit too windy to ride, whatever. Lets be honest, you probably just didn't want to get cold/wet/tired, that's ok we're not trying to make a living out of it, just don't harp on about it online trying to appease your guilt at accepting you really couldn't be arsed, whilst trying to create the impression that you're gutted at breaking your regimented disciplined routine.

Rule #3 - plugging your kit
Professional athletes are always giving their sponsors a plug. This is fine, this how they (the athlete) make their living. We as fans, might even like to know what they use, so we can buy it in the hope of emulating their success. Listing what kit you use, is of no interest to anyone. YOU HAVE PAID FOR IT, the kit hasn't been given to you for free, you owe the manufacturer nothing, you paid your dues at the 'checkout. If you've bought something that is genuinley awesome, by all means let people know, just don't go listing your kit thinking you're a pro.

Finally, we all love what we do, it makes us feel alive, gives us satisfaction, rewards, highs and lows, takes us to places we would never have gone to and helps us to meet friends we may never have met, so please share the joys and the sadness this all brings to your life! If you've had a great race, an awesome swim, ride or run or bought a new bike, wetsuit or goggles that you love, shout it from the roof tops and let everyone know, just remember the Three Golden Rules listed above! Happy training, racing, Tweeting, FB'ing and Blogging!

Remember we do it for fun.
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